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Fractyl Off the Clock

Fractyl Off the Clock

By January 9, 2024May 8th, 2024No Comments

Fractyl Off the Clock

Hey everyone, it’s Mike here, coming to you from the stunning shores of Maui! Today, I just wrapped up a business call with the CEO of one of our clients, where I serve as a fractional Chief Revenue Officer. It’s incredible how technology allows me to work from anywhere, even while I’m about to hit the waves for a surf lesson with my wonderful wife.”

“As we step into this new year, I’ve been reflecting on the transformation I’ve experienced since transitioning to fractional work. It’s truly been a game-changer. Not only am I more fulfilled and less stressed, but I’m also nicely compensated.”

“This shift has allowed me to take control over my work-life balance. I can’t stress enough how crucial this has been for my well-being and that of my family. Instead of being tied down to a full- time role, I’ve been able to embrace the freedom and flexibility that comes with fractional work, allowing me to pursue my passions and spend quality time with loved ones.”

So, to all my friends and connections on LinkedIn, if you’ve been considering making a change towards professional and financial independence, I invite you to reach out. I’m here to offer advice and support as you navigate this transition to fractional work. Join the Fractyl network for free, and take that first step towards a more balanced, fulfilling career.”

Here’s to a new year filled with independence, balance, and endless possibilities. Let’s make it happen together. Mahalo, everyone. Catch you on the next wave!”

Mike Dayton

Founder of Fractyl and a dynamic fractional CRO recognized for his revenue and GTM prowess. With a track record spanning Oracle, Hyperion, Entrust, and multiple startups, he's known for his expertise and experience in driving success through strategic leadership and inspiring approach.