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Who can join Fractyl?

Members – Technology Executives

To join Fractyl, you must be (or have been) a leader in the technology industry with a minimum of two years’ experience in a leadership role within a tech company (software, hardware, managed or professional services, or med devices) generating at least $20 million in annual revenues. Fractyl welcomes leaders from various functions within the tech business, including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Product Management, Technology, Talent, Legal, Customer Success, and more. Exceptions can be made for professionals with advanced degrees, non-client/market facing roles, or unique qualifications in relevant fields.

Clients – Hiring Companies

To become a Fractyl Client, you represent a hiring entity seeking fractional or full-time leadership talent, project-based services, or executive coaching. Typically, our clients range from early to mid-stage startups, established but smaller tech companies, or executive talent agencies.

While not officially considered members, clients must register and submit a profile that encompasses both the company’s profile and hiring manager information. Before accessing our platform to post jobs or search for talent and services, clients undergo an approval process by Fractyl.

The best part? There’s no charge to create a Fractyl Client profile. Join our network today to discover top-tier talent and services tailored to your needs.

How much does Fractyl cost to join?

Community level membership is free, forever. Paid plans are available to member executives who desire access to Fractyl’s premium services to grow and operate their fractional business.  Fractyl is completely free to clients (hiring companies), who only pay for posting jobs or optional assisted and retained search services.

If I'm hired through the Fractyl marketplace, will Fractyl take a percentage of my rate?

No, Fractyl members set their rates directly with Fractyl hiring clients and keep 100% of their fees. When Fractyl’s Pro plan launches, members will have access to the Fractyl Payments Platform. Use of this platform will incur nominal fees for credit card or ACH payment processing via Stripe.

Are full time positions also available on Fractyl?

Fractyl primarily focuses on fractional work opportunities, but we don’t restrict postings or membership to solely fractional employment. Our clients (hiring companies) have the option to post both fractional and full-time positions on the Fractyl marketplace. Additionally, members can search for and apply to both fractional and full-time job postings. Jobs that begin as fractional can often evolve into full time employment, giving both member and client the chance to “try before buying”. We aim to provide a comprehensive platform catering to various employment needs within the tech sector.

What is a Service Offering?

Service Offerings are service packages provided by Fractyl members. Think of it like hiring a specialized skill or reaching a specific goal through a project, rather than hiring a person. These offerings, organized by function, offer clients focused solutions. For example, a Revenue offering might include services such as a Go-to-Market Health Assessment or Channel Program Creation. Similarly, a Finance offering could assist with Capital Raise Preparation, while a Marketing offering might focus on a Digital Lead Generation plan.

How does Fractyl verify and vet members?

Verification (applies to all Members and Clients)

Fractyl requires all members (as well as clients) to initially sign up and subsequently log in using their LinkedIn credentials. Each user undergoes individual verification by comparing the Fractyl profile they created to their LinkedIn profile. Only qualified members are admitted. Only real hiring tech companies and their hiring managers (clients) are admitted.

Vetting (optional premium service for Members)

Fractyl employs a comprehensive process using a combination of third-party services and live video interviews with Fractyl team member to vet members who request and pay for the service. Background check includes:

1. County Criminal Search (Last 7 Years)
2. Education Verification
3. Employment Verification
4. National Criminal Search
5. Professional Reference Verification (3)
6. Sex Offender Search
7. SSN Trace
8. Global Watchlist Search

To further ensure the integrity of our network, a Fractyl team member conducts a live video interview with each member before adding the vetted badge to their Fractyl profile. Once a member has been vetted, the Education and Employment sections of their Fractyl profile are locked and cannot be edited. This multi-layered approach guarantees that our members uphold the highest standards of professionalism and reliability.

How does Fractyl differ from LinkedIn Recruiter?

  1. Selective: While we leverage LinkedIn for sign-up and logins, joining Fractyl is exclusive. With LinkedIn’s estimated 1 billion users, finding the right leadership talent for your business is quite literally searching for a needle in a haystack. We ensure our community is curated, accepting only those with proven leadership, management, and tech expertise. Members with the “Vetted” badge have undergone a rigorous vetting process including background checks, employment and education verification, reference checks, and a live video screening interview.
  2. Discreet: Fractyl gives tech executives the freedom to privately explore  job opportunities without exposing their identity. Unlike LinkedIn, members may choose to keep their identities confidential while highlighting their relevant skills and experience to potential employers. If they choose to apply for a job, their identity will only be revealed to the hiring company at that time.
  3. Focused: Fractyl is tailored for the fractional tech community. Members can actively manage their availability, work location preferences, hourly rate, and compensation preferences (cash, equity, or a mix). This focus ensures a platform finely tuned to the needs of tech professionals seeking fractional opportunities.

How does Fractyl stand out from other fractional job sites?

Fractyl is a true marketplace and community platform, not a talent agency front-ended by a cool website.  At Fractyl, we believe the tech market is special and requires a more curated set of skills, experience, relationships, and even specialization unique to tech. Other fractional websites attempt to serve all industries.  If you’re trying to take your advertising, construction, or home healthcare business to the next level, Fractyl is not for you.  If you’re a tech startup looking for seasoned help with revenue growth, creating an employee handbook, launching a brand, or a capital raise, then you need Fractyl.  Established but smaller hardware, software, and services companies are also ideal fits for fractional executive talent.

How does Fractyl generate revenue?

Fractyl earns revenue through a flat fee charged for client job postings and premium services offered to members. These premium services may include vetting and service offering promotion. Initially, as we introduce ourselves to the market, Fractyl is waiving job posting fees to clients and offering premium membership to qualified fractional executives at no cost for a limited time. This means, for now, the entire platform is “on us” as we strive to enhance our value proposition and user experience. Optional member vetting and assisted search services for clients are paid premium options.

How do fractional execs differ from consultants?

Consultants usually work on a project basis, addressing specific challenges before moving on to the next assignment. In contrast, fractional execs can become integrated members of your management team, much like full-time employees. They provide ongoing support and expertise, contributing to your company’s long-term success.

Does Fractyl require any form of exclusivity to their network?

No, Fractyl allows both members and clients to freely market their talent and jobs elsewhere.

Why doesn’t Fractyl showcase new members in their broadcast emails like other fractional marketplaces?

When was the last time you hired anyone, let alone an executive, from an email blast? Fractyl members are verified executives who value privacy and discretion and often prefer to keep their job search and exploration confidential. We will enable members to promote their service offerings publicly on the Featured Offerings section of Fractyl’s home page and through Fractyl’s social channels on LinkedIn and X.

How does Fractyl assess the management experience of its members given the wide variation in titles across the tech industry?

Fractyl employs a multi-level screening and verification process to streamline the search experience for marketplace clients. Initially, prospective members’ LinkedIn profiles are evaluated for industry and management experience. Those lacking the requisite level are respectfully declined. Once approved, members self-disclose their highest management level, along with details such as revenue size, team size, and managerial responsibilities. Additionally, members have the option to undergo a vetting process, including background checks and interviews with Fractyl recruiters.

How does Fractyl ensure the accuracy of a member's professional profile after they have been vetted?

Once a Fractyl member successfully completes the vetting process and receives the vetted badge on their profile, the management level, education, and work history sections are locked and cannot be edited. If a vetted member needs to make changes to these sections due to a significant update in their management level, education, or work experience, they may need to undergo the vetting process again.